A day in the mountains…

Laurel Falls Trail

Today was beautiful.

As we rode over from the home we’re staying in (Mountain Tower at www.smokiesrentdirect.com) to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there was a peacefulness that I think is REALLY what we all enjoy about the area.  I know I’m not alone.  I might be a little more “into it” than many others, having the online radio show I started, but the fact that about 10 million people each year make the trek to these mountains tells me I’m not alone.  That peaceful feeling of riding into the park is hard to describe.  I can be in the car talking to my wife or the kids and still feel it. 

Laurel Falls Trailhead

Our first stop in the park today was the Laurel Falls trailhead.  We hopped out the van and quickly began our walk.  I’ve been here several times before, but that makes it even more exciting.  The familiar feeling makes me feel like I’m heading back home. 

Along the trail

Anyhow, we head up the trail.  The kids haven’t been to Laurel Falls in awhile (don’t ask me why, there’s no excuse.) They had a blast reading the next portion of the brochure you can purchase at the bottom of the mountain.  My oldest daughter made me proud when we noticed a line of trees going from near the top of a nearby mountain to the bottom of said mountain.  I said “I wonder what made that happen like that?”  To which she replied (with her “duhh” attitude as she said it,)  “Dad, GO-O-OD did it.”  I was really proud of that. 

It almost looks like God is bragging, the mountains are so beautiful

That brings me to another reason I love the Smokies.  If there is a better place to see God’s creation than the smokies, I haven’t been there. 

Falls posers


Having fun walking in the water from the fallsWe made it to the falls, and enjoyed “nature’s air conditioning” for a few minutes before heading back down the mountain.  On the way down, I slipped on the edge of the trail and fell down.  No injuries (other than a bruised ego.)

We got in the car and headed to Sugarland’s Visitor’s Center for a restroom break.  The kids picked up a couple of items in the gift shop.  I DID notice a  nice magazine that now comes with membership in the Great Smoky Mountains Association.  I might have someone from the organization on my online radio show soon, I’ll let you know here.  We then headed back toward Townsend.  We let the kids get out and walk in the freezing water.  They both loved it. I have to admit I had as much or more fun than they did:) 

We then headed back to Mountain Tower to enjoy our last night in town just relaxing and playing pool with the girls.  I just got beat twice.  We might hit the hot tub in a few. 



6 responses to “A day in the mountains…

  1. Yeah, great hike. Weather is great right now.
    Not many folks are here this time of year.

    • Yep. I already want to be there again. There were not many people in the area, but it wasn’t deserted either. The weather could not have been better. It seems like we get that most of the time when we head to the mountains. Thanks for commenting. Please visit me here often.

  2. I love how you say “The familiar feeling makes me like I’m heading back home.” That is the exact feeling I get every time I visit the Smokies, and I don’t get to visit nearly as often as you do!

    • Ashley,

      We are fortunately able to visit fairly often. My wife is in pharmacy school. When she gets out in about 2 years we will have the time (and extra money:) to visit more often and stay longer. We’ve only been up there for a full week a couple of times. Most of our trips are long weekends:)


  3. This is a great, short hike in the summer or winter. In the early winter, the waterfall may be frozen which is really cool (no pun intendend). I visited here in December and had a great hike in between a snowy ridge and a sunny, somewhat green ridge. I definitely recommend the hike.

    • Southern Hiker,

      I had no idea it freezes over. I will make it a point in future winters to get there one day when it is frozen. That must be incredible!!


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