President Obama… here’s a suggestion.

Roosevelt at Smokies Grand Opening

Ok, this is not a political blog, but I think this idea is important.  It really isn’t all that political either. 

The 75th anniversary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is this year.  President Obama has been invited to speak at the anniversary in June at the spot (Newfound Gap) where President Roosevelt spoke at the park’s grand opening 75 years ago. 

I’ve read that the national parks are from 1-2 billion short of being able to get everything in the parks upgraded to tip-top shape. 

President Obama should agree to attend the anniversary, and in his speech, he should propose that 1-2 billion in funding from congress to get the job done. 

 The CCC helped build many of the parks around the country, as well as a good portion of the work that went into building the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The CCC was a program used to help give people jobs during the Great Depression.  What better way to propose a similar solution to today’s economic recession?  Is there a project that was worked on that was more worthy of being invested in than the national parks during the jobs push during the great depression? 

I don’t like government waste anymore than the next guy, but I can tell you government dollars are NOT being wasted in the parks I’ve personally been in.  As a matter of fact, when I hear someone say “tell me one thing the government does right,” I have at least one good answer to that.  The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

Finally, 1-2 billion is a lot of money.  I know that is expensive, but we talk about how future generations will be strapped with the bill of the stimulus packages being passed in congress.  Wouldn’t it be nice to spend a little of that money giving the future generations something tangible that they can use for the money they will pay back? 

Perhaps I’m wrong here.  Maybe most people think this is a bad idea. 

If you agree with me, I ask you to do 2 things:  1.   Just post a quick comment on this blog post.  2.  Forward this to others you know who might be interested in this topic. 



12 responses to “President Obama… here’s a suggestion.

  1. I think it would be wonderful if Congress designated funds for the Great Smokies! It, and the Blue Ridge Parkway are very close to my heart, and I want to see them upkept and maintained as they deserve. Also, even in this time of economic struggle, they remain free, or open at a very low immediate cost to the public, providing recreation and entertainment for all ages and all levels.
    2 billion to the national parks is something I can support! Unlike other things. 🙂

  2. Great post! I too love National Parks and care deeply about their preservation. I work on the Blue Ridge Parkway which will be celebrating its 75th anniversary next year. Seeing President Obama speak at Newfound Gap in June would be awesome.

    • April,

      Thanks for working on the Blue Ridge Parkway… if it weren’t for people like you, the rest of us would not be able to enjoy it’s beauty.


  3. Found you when you added me on Twitter! I agree…we need to keep up our parks, that is not money wasted and yes, more jobs would be had. Plan on going for our honeymoon in May…can’t wait! I used to go with my parents every year as a child 🙂

    • Krista,

      That is EXACTLY what my wife and I did. We both went to the smokies as kids, and we honeymooned there. We plan to visit for our 12th anniversary in a few months. It’s a great place for a honeymoon! Congratulations!


  4. It would be an amazing thing to see him speak there. Spending the money would not only preserve the biosphere that is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for tourists to visit and enjoy, it would be very “green” to do so. These mountains do so much to clean the air. On top of that, the economical impact of not keeping the Park up would be devastating. Towns like Gatlinburg, Cherokee, Townsend, Maggie Valley, Cosby and others would lose their main attraction.
    Last but not least, having the mountains as they are is an education, if chosen. Where else, within a day’s drive of a third of the nation can someone stand with their child and show them what their ancestors saw when they moved to this nation to settle it? With Cades Cove and Cataloochee Cove, they can explore and show their children how people lived and survived.
    Yes, there is much that 1 to 2 billion would pay for and every bit worth it.


  6. i think it would be a great thing for him to do. it would be a wonderful experience for his children as well.
    i have had some ideas about the CCC as well in regards to our economic crisis. obama has mentioned creating jobs, i believe it would be very beneficial for him to put people to work in the parks, esp considering how our last governor hurt our state park system by charging user fees. it would help in more ways than one, by getting people back outside in the fresh air, doing physical activities and they might start taking their families back to nature occasionally. (listen to me with all the answers to our political messes) :=P
    thanks for the info!

    • Angelia,

      Maybe if we had more “regular people” making these decisions in Washington, things wouldn’t be screwed up as much as they are:)


  7. robert williams

    President Obama was actually invited to speak in the Smokies in Sept. not in June.

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