Easter Arts and Crafts Show coming up April 8-11 in Gatlinburg

Craft Show

It is almost time for another Arts and Crafts show in Gatlinburg.  The Easter show takes place April 8-11.  If you are in town then, stop by the Gatlinburg convention center.  The best news is, it is FREE! 

Show website below… 


Blog post about show below….



2 responses to “Easter Arts and Crafts Show coming up April 8-11 in Gatlinburg

  1. Who can participate as a vendor. I am an artist and would love to come. What are the cost for a space?

    • Robert,

      This post is from last year’s show, but here is a link to this year… http://www.gatlinburgcrafts.com/craftshows.html

      You can download an application at that link. This year, the show is scheduled for March 31-April 3rd. If you are an artist looking for shows to sell your work at, I’d also suggest Dollywood’s Harvest Festival in the fall. That show is basically all throughout Dollywood during the month of October. I believe they want you to be there throughout the month, except for Thursdays, which is the day they are closed. I know it sounds like quite a commitment, but I think I’ve seen many of the same vendors there year after year, so it must be worth it. And everytime we’ve been for the show it has been packed. Just something to think about during the fall. If I were an artists, I’d be there.

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