Dollywood to add zipline attraction this summer


Dollywood is opening a new zipline attraction this summer.  For those of you who’ve been on a zipline know how much fun those can be.  Just imagine hanging on a wire while sliding down the wire at high speeds.  It is lots of fun.  HOWEVER, one side comment on this… it says there will be an “up-charge premuim attraction” at Dollywood.  I think that’s businesseze for “going to cost you extra.”  I hope this is not a trend in the future for Dollywood.  Personally, I’d rather pay an extra quarter for all my food than to have to start grabbing my wallet everytime the kids want to ride another ride at Dollywood.  One thing I love about Dollywood is that I know when I walk in, I know I only have to pay for food/drink and whatever extras the kids want to buy to take home.  If Dollywood starts charging extra for the rides, that is a bad thing.  What do YOU think?  Are you willing to pay extra for rides at Dollywood?  Or do you want the entrance fee to cover all the rides? Please respond in the comment section below…. 

Click below for story on the new zipline (which I can’t wait to try out.)…


12 responses to “Dollywood to add zipline attraction this summer

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. no, i am not willing to pay extra to ride the rides. the price just to get in is ridiculous in itself. i think the food prices are too high s well.

    • I hear you. The main price to get in is one thing, but when you start adding additonal fees, it begins to feel like you have no way to budget the trip. One person on twitter made a great point. You either don’t buy the extra fee ride, and deal with crying kids who want to ride those, or you bust the budget trying to make the kids happy.

  3. I’ve been to 6 Flags in NJ, and they have attractions like that, and they are very popular. It may be popular when it first opens, but I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon, since families will not want to pay $15-20 each for a kid and a parent to ride a zipline- I know my parents wouldn’t!

    • Although, it would be nice if the money being charged for the ride would be a donation for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, or at least a partial donation!

  4. I think the main price should cover everything including all rides.

  5. A lot of parks have had those bungee jumping things for years and have had an additional charge for them without changing how they do their other admission/ride charges. Part of it is because they’re expensive to run (liability insurance, maintenance, perhaps personnel) and also because they have a very low rider capacity per hour. It’s similar to the pony rides that some park’s kids sections have, where you pay a few dollars extra. I don’t think you have to worry about this starting a trend at Dollywood for charging additional fees for different rides or shows.

    • I hope you’re right. We’ll see:) There is also a stand-alone zipline in the area I’ve heard about. I might look into trying that out on a future visit. Of course, that is a fee of its own. I guess my problem is, when you start adding fees, it makes things like season passes less attractive. It also makes you wonder how much it will REALLY cost to enjoy Dollywood. I have no idea what the fee will be. If it is a couple of bucks, that might not be a big deal, and I suppose that would prevent people from riding it over and over, creating longer lines. However, if it is $10 or $15 bucks to ride, then that’s going to substantially increase the price for a day of fun at Dollywood. I know times are tough, but like I mention in the article, Dollywood had their 3rd best year in attendance last year, so times are not really tough if that is any indication for them. I love Dollywood, I just hope this is not a trend…



  6. NO I’m not willing to pay extra. The park admission price just went up this year too. Now it’s $40 to ride the new zip line not $10 or $15 it absurd. From what I’ve heard from an employ that it’s an outside company from Hawaii which I still don’t think that makes it right to charge ether. The economy is down, jobs have been lost and now they’re trying to make it almost impossible to go as a family and without paying an arm and a leg to do it all.

  7. i was at dollywood just last week. more shops to spend extra money at than rides. the zip line was an extra 40 and we didnt do it. never will for that price.

    • They do have a number of shops, but most amusement parks DO have those. At least at Dollywood, they are still in theme, and you don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to. Personally, I enjoy going around and looking at all the craft shops, but we rarely buy anything. Several years ago, we had a wooden name sign made, but other than that, I doubt we’ve spent $30 in the shops at Dollywood in the last 5 years combined. I still enjoy them. Then again, I’m one of the crazy people who likes to window shop at the mall during Christmas season without spending $2.

      You might have missed some of the rides. There might be more rides there than you think. It is designed to seem less cluttered. I’ve been there for trips where we realized after leaving that we didn’t even go to certain areas of the park. I think for the price and size, you’d be hard pressed to find another amusement park with the variety and quality of rides you can find at Dollywood.

      I don’t see us paying $40 for the zipline either.

      Having said all that, I know different folks will see things differently.


  8. i think that the entrance fee shuld cover all the rides also and dolywood need bigger better and faster rollercoasters and ones that go upside down and twist and ones where u stand up on and lay down on also

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