“60 Minutes” Morley Safer interviewed Dolly Parton in Pigeon Forge for tonight’s “60 Minutes”

UPDATE: Here is that video from fancast (see comment section.) It looks like the folks at fancast are browsing the site as well now, thanks guys:)  (I’m sure they’re just searching message boards for keywords:)  

  I couldn’t get the embed code to work on my site, but here is the link to the full video of the “60 Minutes” episode… http://www.fancast.com/tv/60-Minutes/97707/1083921856/Dolly-Parton/videos

I’m still leaving this youtube video here as well… since there is the q&a of Morley Safer on the interview…

Here is a short segment of the interview, as well as a web-only q&a session with Morley Safer…
Dolly Parton was on “60 Minutes” tonight.  Morley Safer had a great interview with her, including several funny stories and emotional moments.  Near the end of the interview, Safer said she was as real as they come.  I’d like to add to that.  While I’m not the biggest Dolly Parton fan in the world, I do enjoy her music, especially when I’m in the Smoky Mountains.  I also happen to love Dollywood.  I want to add to Safer’s comments something I’ve talked about before with friends/family.  In this world, we are rarely REAL.  Very few people you run into are genuine.  It is hard to think of a greater irony than Dolly Parton.  Although she is probably the text-book definition of “fake” in so many ways physical, she is probably one of the most real and genuine people in showbiz.  My only contact with her was a sound-check during an interview in which I was the producer talking in her ear, but even then she was as nice as she could be.  And some people might make fun of what Dolly herself admits to, her plastic surgery.  Well I’d say, I’ll bet millions of 60+ year olds across the country would love to look half as good as she does.  Keep going Dolly, we love you! 



One response to ““60 Minutes” Morley Safer interviewed Dolly Parton in Pigeon Forge for tonight’s “60 Minutes”

  1. Thought you might like to know fancast has great unaired outtakes from Morley Safer’s interview with Dolly Parton from 60 Minutes, as well as the full interview in case anyone missed it. (You can embed any of the clips on your site too).
    They are at
    Jim (for Fancast)

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