New “Green” parking lot to open in Pigeon Forge April 16th

Belz Mall Pigeon Forge

Photo above from belz outlet mall’s website.  The mall is located on Teaser Lane as well.

New “Green” parking lot on Teaser Lane is scheduled to open in Pigeon Forge April 16th. Parking should be free until the end of the summer, then a possible “fee” will be determined. I don’t know about you, but one of the benefits of Pigeon Forge for us is the free parking. I know we’ve visited Pigeon Forge instead of Gatlinburg for dinner or whatnot at night (after leaving the cabin) specifically because the parking was free, and easy to find. It sounds like this parking area on Teaster Lane will eventually be a “transportation hub” for Pigeon Forge. It is also connected to a 1 mile green walkway. Sounds like a nice way to enjoy time with the family along the river in Pigeon Forge. I think officials in Pigeon Forge should really push trying to open up access along the river for walking and enjoying the river as much as possible. There are areas of the river in Pigeon Forge behind some of the businesses on the strip that looks like a great place to enjoy the river, but just not much access to it at this point. Maybe with this greenway area, they are working to change that. I can’t wait to enjoy that with the family soon.


2 responses to “New “Green” parking lot to open in Pigeon Forge April 16th

  1. I think its a great idea for a green parking area but I dont like the having to pay idea. I too like being able to park for free in pigeon forge. riding a 2 dollar (or whatever the small fee is) trolly to gatlinburg and back. its alot cheaper.
    I think if pigeon forge was to ever charge for all or most of the parking in town as gatlinburg does there would be significant drop in consumer spending. I think most people would skip pigeon forge adn go straight to gatlinburg. After all pigeon forge is spread so far you somtimes have to drive to two or three places just to explore it all. Its not as easily walkable like Gatlinburg is.

  2. If Pigeon Forge wants to go green the first thing they should do is stop the muscle car shows that attract thousands of idling cars clogging the roads and blocking access to the park. Anyone ever read the signs in the park about how air pollution is damaging the views and plant life? A lot of it comes from cars.

    I made the mistake of getting caught in that traffic nightmare last weekend because I didn’t know it was time to line up old clunkers on the side of the road again. If I had happened to run into the Mayor of Pigeon Forge he would have heard a few unkind words from me.

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