Samantha Brown filmed episode of her Travel Channel show in the Smoky Mountains

Ok, I can’t believe it.  My favorite travel location, and my favorite travel host in the same place:)   I found this article, apparently Samantha Brown was recently in the Smoky Mountains shooting a show that airs sometime in July.  I can’t wait to watch it!


5 responses to “Samantha Brown filmed episode of her Travel Channel show in the Smoky Mountains

  1. Hey, we had a ton of fun guiding Sam and her crew up to LeConte, into the backcountry and over to NOC to go Whitewater rafting!

    Look for us this summer on the Travel Channel!

    Owner A Walk in the Woods

    • Wow. That must have been quite an experience. I almost was sent to help cover her in Myrtle Beach several months ago. I’ll bet it was fun hanging out with Samantha for a few days. I’ll bet she is just as nice in person as she is on TV. By the way, you guys should let me come along with you on one of your hikes in the future. We could talk about it on my online radio show. You need to get ready. Once that show airs, you will probably have hundreds (maybe thousands) of people calling you to go on hikes. I hope you guys can handle all that extra business. That’s a good problem to have:) I’m also glad to see you read my blog.


  2. Omi, I would have been thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet Sam Brown….and I would love the opportunity to visit the Smokies again. I was 10 last time. That’s 42 years ago but who’s counting? I still have pictures and the memory of a divine place- it was springtime and simply astounding.

  3. Wow, thanks Raymond, tag along anytime you want! I am hoping for that good problem. We have 6 guides working for us during the summer, I’d love them to have lots of work year round!

    • Let me know what kind of increase you see once that show airs. Samantha is the number one travel host on The Travel Channel, and The Smokies is one of the biggest tourist spots in the country. Once you are promoted by her on her show, you’ll get lots of business. I’ll touch base with you when we’re planning on being back in the area!


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