Fire near Laurel Falls burns 165 acres in the Smoky Mountains

Laurel Falls during slight drought conditions in July 2007.

Fortunately the fire is out now, but it looks like more than 250 acres burned near Laurel Falls.  The good news is, fire is needed to renew the forest.  I’m just glad thousands of acres didn’t burn.  Click below for more..

BTW, here is my old post featuring a video I shot from Laurel Falls…


4 responses to “Fire near Laurel Falls burns 165 acres in the Smoky Mountains

  1. I know fires are essential to regrowth of a forest, but I’m just afraid one might come and damage the old homes and church’s scattered thruought Cades Cove, or any other historic sites. Ray

    • I agree. I assume (you know what that can do:) officials have that in mind when it comes to fighting them or allowing them to burn out. I’d imagine the homes along the roaring fork nature trail area are at even bigger risk, considering they are on a more mountainous area (fire travels faster uphill,) and a much more wooded area. Not to mention how close they are to town. I’m sure the fire officials have plans in mind to protect everything we love about the Smokies if possible. They do a great job of getting fires put out that are in rural areas.

  2. None the less, I still cringe every time I hear of a fire anywhere in the Smokies. Which brings me to another complaint….people defacing old homes or church’s with their graffiti. I’m sure if you went into their homes, and carved YOUR name on their walls, they’d look at that differently. Thanks for letting me voice one of my biggest complaints. Ray

  3. Does anyone else care to give their feelings about the childish and selfish acts of defacing these historic structures with graffiti?

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