Grotto Falls

I found a great post on Grotto Falls I thought you’d enjoy. Believe it or not, this is one highlight of the Smoky Mountains that I’ve never been to.  I need to change that.

Here’s a bonus link… the Great Smoky Mountains National Park like to waterfalls in the park…


5 responses to “Grotto Falls

  1. Salamanders EVERYWHERE!
    Real COOL Behind The Falls!

    • I’m DEFINATELY going then. I’ve been looking for salamanders in the area for awhile. I wish I knew the secret for how to find them/where to find them. I’ll have to go look for them at Grotto Falls:)

  2. This is definitely a must. It is one of my favorite hikes and kids love being able to stand behind a waterfall!

  3. Hey, are there any good camping spots around Grotto falls or on the way up there? How close is the nearest camping site from the parking lot? We will be getting in their late Friday night and I am trying to make sure we can still get into the park that late and be able to setup camp. Can you email me with answers or Facebook me?


    • Kevin,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I just got off the phone with Jennifer, a park ranger at Sugarlands Visitor Center. She said the CLOSET area to stay from Grotto Falls is actually the Mt. Leconte Lodge, but you have to stay in the lodge, and you have to reserve well in advance. So she said the next closest BACKCOUNTRY campgrounds (several miles away) from Grotto would be campground 31 and campground 32. They have 12 sites, and you’d need to call the backcountry office to reserve (I think it’s free) at 865-436-1297. The 3rd option (probably best option if you aren’t looking to “rough it” too much,) is Elkmont Campground. She said that’s the closest by road. You’d need to call the park service campground reservation number, 877-444-6777 to reserve a spot there. I asked if there is a better area of that campground to stay at, and she said they are all good sites.

      I hope this info is helpful! Have a blast! Please email me a trip report when you get back at


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