38th annual Smoky Mountain Folk Festival Sept. 4th and 5th

If you’ll be in the area, don’t miss the 38th annual Smoky Mountain Folk Festival September 4th and 5th.  It takes place at Lake Junaluska in Western North Carolina.  From fiddling, to banjo picking and some great square dancing, it should be great “mountain music” fun.  The irony of the Smoky Mountains is, I really get a kick out of mountain music when I’m in the area.  I don’t know quite what it is, other than the feeling that I’m able to enjoy yet another aspect of the mountains when I’m listening to traditional mountain music.  I never really listen to mountain music when not “in the mountains.”  I suppose it is like listening to a caribbean steel drum band when in the carribean for me.  When we were on a small boat headed to a private island in Nassau, Bahamas, I had the time of my life enjoying the steel drum band there.  But I’ve never listened to steel drum band music before or since.  I suppose music, like food really help to let you personally enjoy the character and traditions of wherever you are. I’d recommend attending the Smoky Mountain Folk Festival if you’ll be in the area.  While I’ve never had the chance to enjoy the Folk Festival myself, I can’t imagine you wouldn’t have a blast. 



***If you want a great place to stay in the Sevier County area, I recommend www.smokymountaintower.com . We love it! That’s where we stay***


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