Video from this week’s celebration of the park’s 75th anniversary at Newfound Gap in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park


I’ve been “out of touch” for a week or so.  My dad and step-mom rented a beach house on Folly Beach here in the Charleston area.  I’ve spent the last week walking to the pier, searching/digging for sea shells, swimming, body-boarding, chatting, drinking coffee (something I rarely do,) eating, relaxing and just having a good time catching up with family.  I intentionally didn’t do anything with the blog (didn’t even bring my laptop on the trip.)  I’m catching up with the blog today with a video from this week’s 75th anniversary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Check it out.  This is from…

***While we were at the beach, I talked to family/friends about the Smoky Mountains, our favorite place to vacation.  The house we stayed in was nice, almost like by the sea.  I’d like to stay in this beach house when I’m at the beach, just like we stay at when we’re in the Smokies.  Check it out!***


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