Pit Bull attacks full-grown deer in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

While I’m a happy, committed carnivore, I don’t like seeing needless killing of anything (with the exception of a bug, like a roach, in my house. [come to think of it, that’s not needless… I have to kill the thing to keep my wife happy.])  ANYHOW… the story below is about a man who brought a 100 pound pit bull into a campground without making sure it was properly leashed.  A full size buck was attacked, and injured to the point that it had to be put down.  There is no excuse for this.  A child could have been in the area as well.  If the dog could do that to a full grown, 130 pound deer, I can only imagine what it could have done to a 40-50 pound (or less) child.  While I’m not someone who believes pit bulls should be banned, there ARE people out there who believe that.  People like this guy only give them more evidence to back up their case.  If you bring ANY dog into the park, please keep it on the leash.


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