Our afternoon in Gatlinburg…

Sky Lift View

We spent a couple of hours in Gatlinburg this trip.  I’ve mentioned before, it seems like the more we visit the area, the less time we spend actually IN Gatlinburg.  But we do enjoy spending some time there.  We walked down the strip and took a ride up the chair lift.

"Fall" teepee

The irony of this fall decoration is, I assume they have teepees out there (this one behind the aquarium) are representing the Cherokee Indians.  Well, they didn’t really use teepees.  Oh well, they have teepees in Cherokee as well (tourists want photos next to them even if they are not authentic.)  Cherokee generally lived in cabins. 

Planting of Fall Flowers

I took this photo, because it seems like the flowers in the area are always bright and beautiful. It has been rare that you see them actually being planted.  It would be interesting to talk to the city workers who keep the plants fresh, because it appears they are constantly updating the plants in the city.

Coloring at TGI Friday

The girls had fun coloring to pass the time at lunch at T.G.I. Friday.

Passing time at TGI Friday

After lunch, it was down the parkway to the chair lift.

Chair lift

It’s always fun, and slightly scary when you sit with your child next to you on a swing made of pipe attached (by a small hook) to a wire being pulled directly up a mountain.

Heading up the mountain

But, there is nothing like the view from the top.  Sort of like life in general… you often have to do things that scare you to get to the best views in life.




View from the top

After the chair lift, the girls wanted to “go play with the big marble” at Ripley’s across the street…

Playing with a 10,000 pound marble

Then, to Veronica’s favorite candy store in Gatlinburg (she loved the sugar-free fudge)…

Aunt Mahalia's Candy Shop

It was time to check out once everyone had a little candy…

Checking out with candy

Finally, a last photo before heading back to the car… posing in front of Ripley’s Aquarium

Posing in front of Ripley's Aquarium


***This post brought to you by our favorite place to stay when we’re in the Smokies, www.smokymountaintower.com .  It has some of the best views of the mountains.  Check it out!***


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