A quick post… Not much snow, but there is a little snow in the Smoky Mountains now…. I saw some on the Cataloochee ski are webcam.

It is really foggy, so keep checking back to see it better!

I also saw a good bit of white at the Cold Mountain webcam…

Cold Mountain Webcam with snow

It looks like snow/water are all over the camera, so it’s not a great shot there, but check it out none-the-less.

Take a look at my live webcams page for updates of snow around the Smokies…


***A great place to stay warm (with the fireplace) while in the Smokies is . That’s our favorite place to stay when we’re in the Smokies!***

One response to “SNOW IN THE SMOKIES…

  1. Our band played the On Cosby festival Saturday and when we got to Cosby there was snow up on the mountains right next to us and it stopped about half way down. COLD RAIN and lots of mud at the festival pushed those who managed to “weather” it around the fires!

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