Rock slide work continues… some businesses may get Federal assistance…

The rock slide on I-40 in the North Carolina Smoky Mountains is causing big problems for businesses in the area….  it looks like they could soon get federal assistance.  I’m generally a hands-off kind of guy when it comes to govt. aid.  However, a natural disaster that impacts business is an exception.  The rock slide might not seem like a major natural disaster, but when a small business that depends on people driving down I-40, it’s a major disaster when those drivers are re-routed away from their businesses.  You can read more about the federal aid here…

The work on the rock slide is going to take awhile.  12 trucks are working on carrying away the debris… as of Thursday, they had already taken 130 loads of debris away from the interstate.  It looks like they are keeping the debris for future use in road-work.  That’s a great way to recycle the materials.  Read more about moving the debris here…


3 responses to “Rock slide work continues… some businesses may get Federal assistance…

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  2. Gee, funny how if it’s you or your friends that are being helped, government assistance is OK, otherwize it’s government waste.

    • I don’t think I mentioned anything about government waste, but it’s possible I did somewhere here on the blog. Frankly, there are so many pages here now, I can’t remember everything I’ve posted either in an actual blog post or the comments section.

      Anyhow, when it comes to disaster assistance, I’ve always thought it makes sense to assist those hurt by disasters. And when it comes to those in true financial need, I don’t mind helping out there as well.

      The only problem I have with government waste is TRUE government waste. If someone is on government assistance, but they don’t honestly need it, they are not only wasting our money, but they are sucking up money that could be used by folks/projects that could really use it. I include businesses in this as well. If there are businesses getting Federal assistance who don’t really need the assistance, that’s just as wrong.

      I’d imagine most people would agree with me on this.

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