Check out snow on the live webcams…

I’ve been focused on Christmas lately, and haven’t had the chance to blog much recently.  Hopefully, the posts I’ve already collected here give you enough info to get your Smokies fix anyhow.  I just checked the stats, and just yesterday, more than 150 of you stopped by the blog.  I appreciate that.  I’ll be blogging more and more in the near future.  I also have a number of shows planned for the next month or so on the radio show.  I plan to talk to the Haywood County, North Carolina officials about how the rock slide is impacting the area.  That’s the area including Maggie Valley.  I’m also going to be scheduling another show based on a book on the Smoky Mountains.  This one will be lots of fun.  I just finished reading the book a few weeks ago, and it will be a show you’ll love.  Then, probably near the end of Jan, or early Feb, I’m planning on doing another show on skiing in the Smokies. The first shows on skiing in the Smokies that I did last year are some of the most popular episodes I’ve done.  And right now, that is a great thing to do in the Smokies.  You can check out the snow in the Smokies on our live webcams.  You can see it on most of the cams during the day, but feel free to check out the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg cams where you can even see the snow at night.  Enjoy!


Also, I saw that Dave on his blog over at says he still has this Christmas week available.  If you are planning a last minute Christmas trip to the Smokies, touch base with Dave, you’ll love The Smoky Mountain Tower as much as we do:) Here’s a link to his blog post…

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