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Air Quality in the Smoky Mountains improving

Billions have been spent to clean up the air around the Smoky Mountains.  Here’s an article for the folks over at that shows the air quality in the area IS INDEED improving.  When we were in the Smokies back in the Spring, we spent time at the look-rock tower, which is near the live webcam that is used by the park to monitor the air quality.   You can see the live view from Look Rock at the link below…

The full article has lots of great info, as well as a video from Look Rock.  Check it out.

You can always check our full line of live webcams from around the smokies here…

***This post brought to you by When you are headed to the Smokies, the Smoky Mountain Tower is where you want to stay. Trust us. We’ve stayed in the Tower a number of times.***

Our drive down the Foothills Parkway

Foothills Parkway view

When we go to the Smoky Mountains, we like to explore areas we’ve never been.  That’s how we found Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail (if you’re laughing out loud wondering why someone would not know RFMNT exists, we also met a couple, THIS TRIP who visit Gatlinburg all the time… they were on their 10th anniversary trip, and they said they just discovered it as well.)

Foothills Parkway

We discovered a couple of things new during this trip.  One, as you can see above, is the Foothills Parkway.  Note the leaves on the ground (proof it’s fall:) While we’ve been on a little bit of the parkway in the past, I don’t think we’ve ever been on the parkway from Townsend to Look Rock.   I THOUGHT the fire tower at look rock was the brick tower that the Friends of the Smokies restored (Mt. Cammerer Fire Tower.)  However, even though I was wrong about that, on Saturday, our trip to Look Rock was worth it none-the-less. 

Look Rock Tower

The drive was a nice drive, and not too long.  When you have young kids in the car, they don’t want to be in the car for long stretches of time.  I think it was about 20 miles from Townsend, and almost always on beautiful roads.  It was quite foggy, so there wasn’t much of a view when we went up the tower… see below…

 Our view from Look Rock Tower

There were many, many beautiful photos just waiting to be taken…

Beautiful mushroom along the trail

I told my kids, sometimes being in the mountains makes me think God is bragging.  Gorgeous Vine in full fall color

My 10 year old rolled her eyes, but I think it might be true…

View from Look Rock Parking area

The photo above is from the Look Rock parking area.  There is a brick area to stand at and admire the beauty.  This is one view of that beauty.

More fall color in the Smokies

There were so many trees with beautiful leaves changing color…

Tree in the Smokies

The cloudy, foggy feel in the forest while we were walking through seemed like something out of a movie…

Cloudy day in the woods

Anyhow.. I hope you enjoyed this trip through the woods and to the Look Rock Tower.  This was only about an hour of our long weekend, and I’m only posting about 1/4 of the photos we took (we take too many photos.)

Canopy of trees

 I have a number of photos from just about everything we did this past weekend.  I’ll post them as a series of posts.  I know I love to see new pictures from the Smokies, so I assume you do as well.  There’s more to come.


***Some of our favorite pictures/times in the Smokies are spent at .  I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay there as much as we do.  Dave and his wife own the home, and they rent it out to their guests who love the Smokies.  You’ll see why we’ve stayed there several times when you stay at “the tower” :)***