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BREAKING: Rock Slide closes portion of Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge spur

BREAKING: Large rock slide has closed the spur road heading to Gatlinburg to Pigeon Forge.  Traffic is now being routed to the Pigeon Forge bound lanes.  That road is now divided into a 2 lane road, one lane headed in each direction. 

The good news… this is not June.  I’d imagine it would be best to avoid the spur if you can.  There are back-roads if you know where they are.  If you’re not aware of those, stop by a visitor center and ask for direction.  Quite frankly, they can be very confusing.  I know where several of them are, and I STILL get confused pretty often.  If they were simple to understand, I’d post them here. 

Find out more about the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge rock slide over at the yoursmokies blog…


***Stand by for many more photos/videos/blog posts/new episode of the Internet Talk Show soon.  It’s the 2nd annual Ski Trip, this weekend.  We’ll be updating right here on the blog.  Trip brought to you by the Cataloochee Ski Area ( and A Holiday Motel ( ***



Ok, I’ve taken a break from the gosmoky blog for a few weeks.  I just wanted to take a break.  I’m back now. Thanks for all of you who visited even while I wasn’t adding anything new.  It amazes me how many people are reading this blog.  It’s just a hobby I enjoy:) 

This looks like a fantastic way to spend a day or two in the Smokies (not that I can think of many bad ways to spend a day or two in the Smokies.)

It looks like many of the guys from “The Dukes of Hazzard” and other populer TV shows from the past will be there in person, many of them will be selling their autographs.  I don’t know about the whole “selling” of autographs, but then again, if you really want an autograph, it’s probably worth paying something for it. 

I had the chance to interview Ben “Cooter” Jones here on the radio show awhile back… you can listen to it here… Ben comes on a couple of minutes after the show starts.

This Smoky Mountain Fan Fest could become an annual event (the site calls it “1st Annual Fan Fest”.) 

There are also going to be some concerts on Saturday night, including Merle “Just 2 good ‘ole boys” Haggard. 

It all takes place Saturday and Sunday at the Smokies Stadium in Sevierville.  Looks like fun! for more info… 


*************Click on to see the new website of the place we stay when we’re in the Smoky Mountains.  You”ll love it.  It’s located between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge*******************************************

Dollywood to add zipline attraction this summer


Dollywood is opening a new zipline attraction this summer.  For those of you who’ve been on a zipline know how much fun those can be.  Just imagine hanging on a wire while sliding down the wire at high speeds.  It is lots of fun.  HOWEVER, one side comment on this… it says there will be an “up-charge premuim attraction” at Dollywood.  I think that’s businesseze for “going to cost you extra.”  I hope this is not a trend in the future for Dollywood.  Personally, I’d rather pay an extra quarter for all my food than to have to start grabbing my wallet everytime the kids want to ride another ride at Dollywood.  One thing I love about Dollywood is that I know when I walk in, I know I only have to pay for food/drink and whatever extras the kids want to buy to take home.  If Dollywood starts charging extra for the rides, that is a bad thing.  What do YOU think?  Are you willing to pay extra for rides at Dollywood?  Or do you want the entrance fee to cover all the rides? Please respond in the comment section below…. 

Click below for story on the new zipline (which I can’t wait to try out.)…

Sevier County Salvation Army has a great donation season

Salvation Army Kettle

It looks like in this recession, many of you are being more generous than usual.  Take a look at this article on how Salvation Army “red kettle” donations are up significantly in Sevier County…