Polls of the Smokies

I’m putting this page up as an experiment.  I’m going to post some polls here to keep a running track of your opinion of things in the Smokies… If you have a great idea for a new poll, just leave me a comment here on the page, THANKS!

6 responses to “Polls of the Smokies

  1. Cades Cove is really neat. Who would of thought of farm land up in the mountains. I really want to bike ride up there on either Wed. or Sat. mornings when they restrict cars from Cades Cove. That sounds like a great time to ride. I also love the Chimney’s Picnic Area. It is so beautiful there with the running water coming down over the large rocks. Great place to cook out for a picnic.

    • Yes, I’ve never done that. I want to bike through Cade’s Cove without the cars as well. I would imagine the Cove is even more beautiful by bike.

  2. Cades Cove is beautiful, biking sounds like a wonderful time. What is this about Cades Cove being open to bikes only? What times does this occur? I will definetly have to take my bike on my next trip to Gatlinburg.

    • Here is info on biking in Cades Cove from http://www.yoursmokies.com/smokiesbiking.html . It looks like the road closure (to vehicles) is in the morning until about 10 AM from mid-May until September on Wednesday and Saturday morning. You can also rent a bike at the Cades Cove Campground during those months. The Cades Cove store can be reached at (865) 448-9034. Check out the link for full info. I’ll add this info to my “Smokies Information” page shortly.

  3. Biking the loop is enjoyable although I remember it being tough because of the hills. But hills always look bigger when you are little 🙂 If you get tired or have kids with you and they wear out you can take shortcuts across at Sparks Lane or Hyatt Lane.

  4. I’m getting so excited. This coming Nov. my wife and I are once again “headin for the mountains”. We’ve been there more times than I can count. Only this time we’re dragging some friends of ours from Ohio with us. (their 1st trip) We will be staying in Townsend….again. There is no other place on earth that I’ve been to, (except for Germany) that gets my blood pumping, just thinking about the time we’ll spend in the smokies.

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