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Man suspected of first case of Elk poaching in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

You know, why can’t people just limit their hunting to the more than 3.5 million square miles in the U.S. that are NOT in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park?  I suppose for those with bad hunting skills, the urge to kill an Elk that has no fear of humans is just too much. 

TRUST ME, I believe in the right to own a gun.  I believe in all of the rights of the Constitution.  If it weren’t for citizens having guns, we wouldn’t have the other freedoms we have in this country. 

But check out the article below… a man suspected of killing one of the biggest Elks in the Smoky Mountains… It’s really a pity. 

 That Elk would probably have helped increase the herd a number of times throughout the rest of his life. 



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UPDATED: Snow update: Cataloochee Ski Area opens today…

UPDATE: I’ve had a guy asking me to update this page.  Cataloochee.com is where this story came from.  They had the breaking news below on their website.  Now it says they ended up NOT opening due to warm temperatures.  You can see that from the link provided below, but I wanted to update here as well so it wouldn’t be so confusing.


Check out the webcam at Cataloochee ski area in Maggie Valley.  Snow cannon is blasting the snow right now.  They plan to open for the season today.   A copy of their “breaking news” on the opening is below…

Breaking News!!!
Well…the weather is here and we know you’re all beautiful and we hope to see each of you on Monday! You heard it right, we began making snow for the 2009/2010 snowsports season on Sunday, October 18 at 6:45am and with a weather forecast for lows in the 20’s for tonight, Cataloochee plans on making snow as long as temperatures permit on Beginners Easy Way and Beginners Rabbit Hill and plans to kick off the 2009/2010 season at 1pm on Monday, October 19.

www.cataloochee.com to find out the latest on skiing at Cataloochee.

***We skied at Cataloochee last winter, and stayed at www.smokymountaintower.com while we were there.  It was a blast, and we hope to do it again this year.***

Elk herd increasing in the Smokies


It looks like the Elk in the Smokies are doing quite well.  Out of 19 babies, 16 survived this year.  The herd is now at 110 total.  See the AP story below for more…

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (AP) – Nineteen elk calves were born this year in the Great Park officials said it’s been one of the best years yet for increasing the herd. There are now about 110 elk in the park, divided about evenly among males and females. Additionally, officials said the bulls this year have impressive antlers, which may mean that there is good forage available for the elk.

Would you like to volunteer to help the Elk in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park??


Here’s your chance.  Jeff over at hikinginthesmokys has full details on his blog.


VIDEO of Elk sparring in Cataloochee

Thanks to the folks over at Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine (www.blueridgeoutdoors.com) for putting this video on their site…