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New ride at Dollywood in 2011… BARNSTORMER

Dollywood has announced plans for a new ride next year.  Due to the economy, the announcement of new rides has not been as quick as it has been in the past.  I’m looking forward to this new one.  This will be a high flying ride built on a traditional barn building.  There will also be other barn-themed fun things for the kids to do around the “barn.” This should be in place for next year’s season.  Can’t wait to check it out.

The link to the Dollywood press release is listed below.  I also copied the script of the press release below that…


Dollywood Theme Park Announces New Barnstormer for 2011

$5.5 Million Project Creates Fun-Filled Barnyard-Themed Area

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–High-flying high jinks take to the sky at Dollywood for the 2011 season with the new Barnstormer ride, a $5.5 million family thrill ride situated in a barnyard-themed area which also includes play areas for younger guests.

“I remember my daddy and granddaddy talking about the old barnstormers that used to do all kinds of crazy stunts above the fields where they’d work crops”

“I remember my daddy and granddaddy talking about the old barnstormers that used to do all kinds of crazy stunts above the fields where they’d work crops,” Dolly Parton said. “My new Barnstormer ride offers folks those same breathtaking moments, high in the sky above Dollywood. And I’ve recreated a critter-themed barnyard that reminds me of growing up on the farm here in the Smoky Mountains!”

Taking its name from the daring aerialists and stunt pilots of the 1920s, the Barnstormer features two pendulum arms with seating for 32 riders. Seated back to back, riders travel progressively higher on each swing of the Barnstormer’s massive arms, reaching a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour and 230 degrees of rotation. At its peak, the Barnstormer reaches a staggering 81 feet in the air, taking riders high above the barn’s rooftop and the area’s treetops. Situated in the lush foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, the Barnstormer rests amid a traditional red barn on the Owens Farm, a nod to Parton’s family’s rural upbringing.

While the Barnstormer fills the air above the barn, children’s play areas dot the landscape around the barn. With a fun, barnyard theme, children can enjoy a 22-foot by 16-foot bi-plane play area as well as a pig pen water play area.

The Barnstormer has a ride capacity of 450 passengers per hour, and a 48-inch minimum height requirement.

The Barnstormer is adjacent to the Mountain Slidewinder, one of the park’s most popular rides which opened in 1987.

The new area opens in March 2011 to usher in Dollywood’s 26th operating season.

The number one ticketed attraction in Tennessee, Dollywood is an award-winning 150-acre family adventure park located in Pigeon Forge near the entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Open nine months a year (late March to early January), Dollywood hosts four of the South’s largest festivals and offers more than 40 rides and attractions, including Thunderhead, twice named the world’s No. 1 wooden coaster, and Mystery Mine coaster, Theme Park Insider’s 2007 Best New Attraction. In addition to the 2009 Golden Ticket Award for Best Shows, Dollywood is the recipient of 15 Big E Awards in recognition of the park’s live entertainment which features country, bluegrass, gospel and Appalachian music. The Golden Tickets’ 2007 Publisher’s Pick for best theme park, Dollywood also is a two-time winner of the Golden Ticket Award for Best Christmas Event. In addition, a dozen crafters authentic to the East Tennessee region demonstrate daily. For more information, visit www.dollywood.com.

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New “Adventure Mountain” to debut in 2010 at Dollywood

I found this story at WBIR.com’s website http://www.wbir.com/life/programming/local/liveatfive/story.aspx?storyid=111281&catid=8 .  I know we heard something about this more than a year ago when we did the Dollywood episode of the GoSmoky.com Internet Radio Show… http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gosmoky/2008/10/24/dollywood, but now there is a date set for the opening of the new “adventure.”  The new “Adventure Mountain” debuts at Dollywood on March 26th.

While I haven’t had a chance to see this “ride” personally, it looks similar to the Adventure area at Stone Mountain in Georgia. Imagine being connected to a rope line in case you fall, then making your way around 2 acres of high-in-the-air fun including climbing and walking around things anyone who has even been a kid in a treehouse could only dream of.  It looks like lots of fun.  I only hope the lines aren’t as bad as the lines at the “Adventure” area at Stone Mountain.  Let me know what you think if you get a chance to try the new “Adventure Mountain.”


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Monorail through the Smokies???

Ok, so initially the article below caught my eye because it mentioned the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville.  My parents brought me to the World’s Fair, and it is one of my earliest memories.  It was also probably one of my first trips to the Smoky Mountains.  I was 8 years old.  I remember riding the World’s Largest Ferris Wheel and the World’s Smallest Water Log ride.  I was scared to death of the Water Log Ride.  My parents made me ride that before I could go on the Ferris Wheel.  I’m glad they did, because I’ve loved Water Log Rides ever since. 

Anyhow, an interesting suggestion was brought up in the article, building a monorail in the Smoky Mountains.  That’s an idea I don’t recall hearing before.  It would help with traffic some, and I know personally I would probably try the monorail, but I doubt I’ll ride a bus.  The monorail would be much more reliable, and no matter what the traffic is like, they usually run like clockwork.  The number of people who would probably use a monorail might make it doable as well.  Heck, a side benefit would be, you could hike from one monorail “station” to another without having to bring a car at all.  I know that’s something hikers have to keep in mind.  With a monorail, that would not be the same issue. 

Probably the biggest issues with a monorail would be cost and appearance. I would imagine something like this would cost possibly up to billions.  I’m not a monorail expert, but considering the terrain, I would imagine it would cost as much or more to do a monorail in the Smokies as anywhere else.  As far as appearance, I think that’s an issue that should be looked at as well.  A monorail in the Smokies would need to be built to NOT stand out as much as possible.  I would also think the amount of rail line INSIDE the park should be kept to a minimum.  Perhaps it could be built around the outer edge of the park, and have a couple of lines that go into the park to higher-impact areas. 

With the whole “going green” thing being such a focus, it looks like now would be as good a time as any to consider something like this.  This could even be a way for Sevierville/Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg/Dollywood to cut back on traffic, or at least increase capacity of their cities while not increasing how many people that appear to be visiting the area.

Perhaps it could be elevated above the current roads, which might help keep it from being too obtrusive. It definately works well for Disney.  I know the times I’ve been to Disney, we’ve used the monorail any chance we got.

So what do YOU think??  Reply in the comment section below!


3 Minute Video trip to Dollywood

This video from @AshvilleNews on twitter. A great little 3 minuts trip to Dollywood. Enjoy!

Dolly Parton Homecoming parade moved to May 8th

Dolly Homecoming Parade

Dolly will be in town for her annual Homecoming parade May 8th this year.  They moved it for more daylight, and warmer weather. Sounds like a blast if you will be in the area that day. 


Dollywood to add zipline attraction this summer


Dollywood is opening a new zipline attraction this summer.  For those of you who’ve been on a zipline know how much fun those can be.  Just imagine hanging on a wire while sliding down the wire at high speeds.  It is lots of fun.  HOWEVER, one side comment on this… it says there will be an “up-charge premuim attraction” at Dollywood.  I think that’s businesseze for “going to cost you extra.”  I hope this is not a trend in the future for Dollywood.  Personally, I’d rather pay an extra quarter for all my food than to have to start grabbing my wallet everytime the kids want to ride another ride at Dollywood.  One thing I love about Dollywood is that I know when I walk in, I know I only have to pay for food/drink and whatever extras the kids want to buy to take home.  If Dollywood starts charging extra for the rides, that is a bad thing.  What do YOU think?  Are you willing to pay extra for rides at Dollywood?  Or do you want the entrance fee to cover all the rides? Please respond in the comment section below…. 

Click below for story on the new zipline (which I can’t wait to try out.)…


Dollywood opens for season today. Season pass sales up 7%!

Today is the first day of the season for Dollywood.  The article below points out that while visitors were down 6% last year (from 2007,) it was still their 3rd best year.  Now it looks like season pass sales are up 7%.  I love reading good economic news.  I hope you get a chance to enjoy Dollywood this year!


Dollywood’s site..