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Quick housekeeping note… goal for 2010, and email updates

This is just a quick housekeeping note. 

I always like to let people know about goals.  That way we all know if we hit them.  I told you about our hitting 25K views on the blog so far since it started (began here on wordpress last Feb.) Anyhow, I want to see us do 150% of that for 2010.  So that makes the new goal 37,500 views by the end of 2010.  See ya on Dec. 31st! If you could let your friends know about the blog, I’d appreciate it. 

One more thing… I just added a feature that will automatically email you all of my latest blog posts.  Just click on the box on the right side of the front page of the blog to add yourself.  I know lots of people use RSS feeds of some sort, but I thought I’d add that just in case you want to stay on top of things without having to just click over here over and over (but feel free to visit as often as you’d like:)


***Just 2 days away, and I’ll be headed back to the Smokies.  This will be the 2nd ski trip up there with my brothers.  I’m hosting another online gosmoky.com internet talk show about the trip soon.  Stay tuned! The trip is brought to you by www.cataloochee.com (where we will ski) and www.holidaymotel.net (where we will stay.) ***

NEW Rock slide in I-40 just miles away from the massive rock slide already being cleared on I-40

It looks like another, smaller rock slide has taken place just a few miles away from the site of the major rock slide that workers have been trying to clear up for the past several months.  The good news is, officials still estimate they will be able to get the road open again in March. 

While this one is smaller, it was still big enough to have a boulder the size of an SUV.  I’d hate to see that coming down the mountain at me.  This was also along the portion of I-40 that has been closed as they clear the larger rock slide, so it didn’t disturb anyone who may have been driving along I-40. 

Apparently the slide happened sometime late Friday or early Saturday morning.  A crew member discovered the slide Saturday morning.

I’m working on getting someone from the NC DOT to come on the GoSmoky.com Internet Talk Show to discuss the slide, as I’ve had LOTS of traffic on the blog on stories concerning the rock slide. More info at the link below on the most recent slide…



***Another reminder, in just 3 days, I’ll be back in the Smokies with my 2nd annual ski trip to the Smokies.  I’ll be blogging and I’ll host a 2010 show on skiing in the Smokies in the coming week.  We’ll also post a number of photos and some videos from the trip.  The trip is being brought to you by www.cataloochee.com and www.holidaymotel.net.  We’ll be skiing Friday and Saturday, and possibly snow tubing Sunday at Cataloochee.  We’ll be staying at A Holiday Motel.  We’re looking forward to it, and I’m sure it will be another fantastic trip to the Smokies.  Check out http://www.holidaymotel.net/skipackages.htm for the $129/person THREE DAY/TWO NIGHT SKIING PACKAGE… Yes, you read correctly… $129!!! Keep in mind, www.holidaymotel.net is listed as the number 1 hotel in Maggie Valley on Trip Advisor Reviews***

25,000 views of the GoSmoky blog… WOW! Thanks!

I just wanted to drop a  quick note.  I was looking at the stats for my blog, and I noticed that I’ve now had more than 25,000 views.  That is amazing.  I started my whole “gosmoky” thing at www.gosmoky.com several years ago mainly as a way to keep information I might want to use in the future at my fingertips online.  Since it was on the web, I started to get emails from people who stopped by and said they enjoyed the photos or links I posted on the site.  That, and a desire to learn more about the Smokies, led me to begin the “GoSmoky.com Internet Talk Show”. While I don’t have the exact numbers, I’m now well over thousands of listeners to that program.  Then, last Feb., I figured with this much interest in the Smokies, I should start an easy-to-update blog.  That’s what you’re reading right now.  Since that time, my site has been looked at 25,000 times.  Just about every day anywhere from 100-180 people stop by to read the posts or view the webcams. 

I’m so glad to be able to have this available.  It keeps me going between trips to the Smokies.  

While this was never started with a view to the future, I plan on setting some goals for the next 12 months shortly.  I want to see how big I can grow this thing.   If there are 25,000 views out there, there must be a huge appetite for more information and interaction about the Smokies online. 

I hope to help make that happen for more people.  Thanks again!  Look for the next 12 months to be better than ever! 


***I’d also like to thank Dave and Angie over at www.smokymountaintower.com.  They have helped make this blog and the online talk show possible. They also have the house that my wife would seriously like to purchase for our own if she were not still in school.  Who knows, Dave… maybe one day we’ll buy the house from you:)  In the meantime, you can take a look at it, and stay there the next time you are in the Smokies at www.smokymountaintower.com.  The views (and the location between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge) are prefect!***

Scheduled a new show on the Smoky Mountains for Tuesday at 1PM… Author J. Greg Johnson will talk with me about his book on the Smoky Mountains

On Tuesday, I’ll be talking with J. Greg Johnson on the latest episode of the GoSmoky.com Internet Talk Show.  He is the author of the book, “Sanctuary: Meditations from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.”  He spent a lot of time hiking around the mountains prior to writing the book.  This book can probably best be described as a journey through the way the Smoky Mountains can and does impact each of us on a personal level. 

You can listen to the show live at 1PM on Tuesday, Jan. 12th.  Or listen later at the same link to the podcast archive.  Just click on the link below for both.  I think you’ll enjoy the show!



***This show is brought to you by the place we stay when we’re in the Smokies, www.SmokyMountainTower.com.  They have brand new rates for 2010.  My wife is in love with this home.  Check out what the house has to offer, and the views from Dave’s home, and you’ll want to make it your regular place to stay in the Smokies as well.  It is located between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge at the very top of the mountain with a view of Ober Gatlinburg.  Check it out! www.smokymountaintower.com***

April hikes – part of 75 hikes on the 75th

Hiking along trail to Laurel Falls

Jeff over at hikinginthesmokies has posted a schedule of several hikes that are part of the “75 hikes on the 75th” program.  Basically, 75 hikes are scheduled throughout this year to recognize the 75th anniversary of the park.  Check it out, they may be hiking one day when you are in the area.


Gatlinburg to offer “all-day” passes on trolley during 6 month test period

Gatlinburg Trolley

There is now a 6 month pilot program for all day passes on the Gatlinburg Trolley.  For $2 you get ride all day on all of the trolleys with the exception of the Dollywood and National Park lines.  We’ve never been on one because at 50 cents per ride, we could pay $4 just to get 2 rides, and we rarely pay more than that by parking in the parking area behind the Aquarium ($6 day max) or behind the Gatlinburg Tram ($5 all day.)  Anyhow, with an all-day pass, it might make it more useful for some. Click on the page below for more info…


Beautiful Spring Flowers in the Smokies…

Spring Flowers

Jeff Schoenfield is the owner of the ReMax franchise in Gatlinburg (along with his wife,) and I had him on my GoSmoky.com internet radio show last year… http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gosmoky/2008/09/03/Pigeon-Forge-Latest-plus-Real-Estate-in-the-Smokies

Anyhow, he has posted a couple of GREAT photos on his blog… check them out!!  Makes me want to head back up there right now:)