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Scheduled a new show on the Smoky Mountains for Tuesday at 1PM… Author J. Greg Johnson will talk with me about his book on the Smoky Mountains

On Tuesday, I’ll be talking with J. Greg Johnson on the latest episode of the GoSmoky.com Internet Talk Show.  He is the author of the book, “Sanctuary: Meditations from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.”  He spent a lot of time hiking around the mountains prior to writing the book.  This book can probably best be described as a journey through the way the Smoky Mountains can and does impact each of us on a personal level. 

You can listen to the show live at 1PM on Tuesday, Jan. 12th.  Or listen later at the same link to the podcast archive.  Just click on the link below for both.  I think you’ll enjoy the show!



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Knoxville native to play FDR in re-enactment of Great Smoky Mountains National Park dedication


75th anniversary plans are well underway.  It looks like officials will have a re-enactment of FDR coming to the Smokies 75 years ago to dedicate the park.  A Knoxville native is slated to “play” FDR.  Find out more below:)


Hatchery that helps protect endangered fish in the Smoky Mountains is awarded for its work


One of my favorite thing about doing this blog, and the gosmoky.com radio show is that I learn things all the time about an area of the country I love.  We see the result of so many people’s efforts to preserve the Smoky Mountains, but we don’t often get to hear about the people/organizations actually taking on that work day-to-day.  This is a story about one such organization. Conservation Fisheries Inc. works to protect some of the smaller fish, fish we might think of as minnows.  They try to help species that are getting close to extinction flourish.  This looks like a fantastic organization.  More good news in this recession, that all too often is full of bad news.  Read below for more… 

Great story on the award being given to the hatchery…


Take a look at the hatchery’s website…