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“60 Minutes” Morley Safer interviewed Dolly Parton in Pigeon Forge for tonight’s “60 Minutes”

UPDATE: Here is that video from fancast (see comment section.) It looks like the folks at fancast are browsing the site as well now, thanks guys:)  (I’m sure they’re just searching message boards for keywords:)  

  I couldn’t get the embed code to work on my site, but here is the link to the full video of the “60 Minutes” episode… http://www.fancast.com/tv/60-Minutes/97707/1083921856/Dolly-Parton/videos

I’m still leaving this youtube video here as well… since there is the q&a of Morley Safer on the interview…

Here is a short segment of the interview, as well as a web-only q&a session with Morley Safer…
Dolly Parton was on “60 Minutes” tonight.  Morley Safer had a great interview with her, including several funny stories and emotional moments.  Near the end of the interview, Safer said she was as real as they come.  I’d like to add to that.  While I’m not the biggest Dolly Parton fan in the world, I do enjoy her music, especially when I’m in the Smoky Mountains.  I also happen to love Dollywood.  I want to add to Safer’s comments something I’ve talked about before with friends/family.  In this world, we are rarely REAL.  Very few people you run into are genuine.  It is hard to think of a greater irony than Dolly Parton.  Although she is probably the text-book definition of “fake” in so many ways physical, she is probably one of the most real and genuine people in showbiz.  My only contact with her was a sound-check during an interview in which I was the producer talking in her ear, but even then she was as nice as she could be.  And some people might make fun of what Dolly herself admits to, her plastic surgery.  Well I’d say, I’ll bet millions of 60+ year olds across the country would love to look half as good as she does.  Keep going Dolly, we love you! 



Dolly Parton Homecoming parade moved to May 8th

Dolly Homecoming Parade

Dolly will be in town for her annual Homecoming parade May 8th this year.  They moved it for more daylight, and warmer weather. Sounds like a blast if you will be in the area that day. 


Panaramic views of the the beautiful Smoky Mountains.. during multiple seasons photos


Take a look at these photos from the Smokies… I figured we all love to see pictures (those links are some of the most popular things people click on my blog.) I must admit though, these photos are personal as well.  They bring back memories for me, because these are from Dave’s blog.   He owns these homes, and the Mountain Tower is where we stay now when we go to the Smokies:)  Enjoy!

Click for more… http://smokiesrentdirect.blogspot.com/2009/04/view-from-tower.html

Dollywood to add zipline attraction this summer


Dollywood is opening a new zipline attraction this summer.  For those of you who’ve been on a zipline know how much fun those can be.  Just imagine hanging on a wire while sliding down the wire at high speeds.  It is lots of fun.  HOWEVER, one side comment on this… it says there will be an “up-charge premuim attraction” at Dollywood.  I think that’s businesseze for “going to cost you extra.”  I hope this is not a trend in the future for Dollywood.  Personally, I’d rather pay an extra quarter for all my food than to have to start grabbing my wallet everytime the kids want to ride another ride at Dollywood.  One thing I love about Dollywood is that I know when I walk in, I know I only have to pay for food/drink and whatever extras the kids want to buy to take home.  If Dollywood starts charging extra for the rides, that is a bad thing.  What do YOU think?  Are you willing to pay extra for rides at Dollywood?  Or do you want the entrance fee to cover all the rides? Please respond in the comment section below…. 

Click below for story on the new zipline (which I can’t wait to try out.)…


Dollywood opens for season today. Season pass sales up 7%!

Today is the first day of the season for Dollywood.  The article below points out that while visitors were down 6% last year (from 2007,) it was still their 3rd best year.  Now it looks like season pass sales are up 7%.  I love reading good economic news.  I hope you get a chance to enjoy Dollywood this year!


Dollywood’s site..


Behind the scenes look at the people who make costumes at Dollywood


This week I posted a story on what happens during the off-season while Dollywood is closed (https://gosmoky.wordpress.com/2009/03/22/what-happens-when-dollywood-is-closed-for-the-season/.) It has been extremely popular, so I thought I’d post another similar article I just found on a look behind-the-scenes at the people who make all the costumes you see at Dollywood.  Take a look.  It is amazing how many costumes they take care of each year.




Old Gatlinburg… Take a look at Gatlinburg yesterday

Old Gatlinburg

This is a great website that I found from the TripAdvisor posts.  It is full of old photos from Gatlinburg back in the day.  I wish that old waterpark were still in operation.  The waterparks of today are probably much safer, but the old one still looks like a blast:)  Click below for more…