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Landslide closes Hwy 441 down to 1 lane near NC/TN border

If it’s not a rockslide, it’s a landslide causing havoc for driving in and around the Smokies.  This time, it’s highway 441 in the park.  That’s the OTHER main route.  

This is the drive from Gatlinburg to Cherokee.  A landslide just past the NC/TN border has caused traffic to have to drive on just one lane.  Just to give you an idea of where this is, Newfound Gap is on the NC/TN border, so this is close to Newfound Gap. 

Find more info on this particular landslide at the link below.  



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Ghost Town in the Sky could be foreclosed on in June.

It looks like Ghost Town in the Sky could be up for foreclosure in June. According to the article below, if additional funding is not found before then, foreclosure could take place.  I would imagine this is a bad economy to be looking for funding in. This all boils down to a nearly $10 million dollar loan BB&T has with the park.  They are giving the owners of Ghost Town until June to work something out, or be foreclosed on.

The sad thing is, Ghost Town is one of the bigger tourist draws in Maggie Valley.  About 200 people work at Ghost Town in the Sky, so this will surely be bad news for those folks. 

I hope, for the sake of Maggie Valley, that something can be worked out.  If I get more information on this, I’ll post it.



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Scheduled a new show on the Smoky Mountains for Tuesday at 1PM… Author J. Greg Johnson will talk with me about his book on the Smoky Mountains

On Tuesday, I’ll be talking with J. Greg Johnson on the latest episode of the GoSmoky.com Internet Talk Show.  He is the author of the book, “Sanctuary: Meditations from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.”  He spent a lot of time hiking around the mountains prior to writing the book.  This book can probably best be described as a journey through the way the Smoky Mountains can and does impact each of us on a personal level. 

You can listen to the show live at 1PM on Tuesday, Jan. 12th.  Or listen later at the same link to the podcast archive.  Just click on the link below for both.  I think you’ll enjoy the show!



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“Life on LeConte” blog…

I’ve found a new Smoky Mountains website to add to my list of “favorite sites.” It’s at www.lifeonleconte.com

Doug McFall is the winter caretaker of LeConte Lodge.  He runs the blog from the lodge. 

I’ve always said that if I ever get the time/money to be able to spend extended time in the Smokies creating stories for the GoSmoky blog, I’d like to make small documentaries about various aspects of those mountains.  Spending some time up at LeConte Lodge during the snowy off-season would be one of the things I’d love to do a story on. 

Doug’s blog is basically his updates on life on the mountain.  The photos he has there are incredible.  I don’t know how much is due to his photograghic ability, or how much is simply due to the fact that the Smokies are extremely photogenic… especially when dusted with snow.  Just take a look at the photo below… it looks like a piece of artwork. Then again, it is.  God knew what he was doing…

I’d recommend you bookmark his site.  I’ve invited him to be on my online GoSmoky radio show, but right now management of LeConte Lodge doesn’t want him doing interviews.  That’s too bad for us and them.  I’ll bet Doug could tell us some great stories from the mountain, and more people could find out about what the lodge has to offer.

Enjoy his blog!!


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New “Titanic” attraction in Pigeon Forge starting to take shape

 Shipshape Re-created Titanic rises above the landscape in Pigeon Forge


Take a look at how the “Titanic” attraction is coming along.  It really looks like the frame of the ship now.  Check out this photo and update from knoxnews.com’s site.  Note the comment in the comment section below…  It seems like if folks like that hate the area, why don’t they just quit visiting?  Maybe I’m the only one who feels that way.



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Favorite memories of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park…

Knoxville newspaper is publishing some of the locals’ favorite memories of the Smokies… Read them at the link below, and feel free to post a comment here with your personal favorite memories.


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441 from Cherokee to NewFound Gap now an official scenic highway…

hwy 441 from gatlinburg, TN To cherokee, NC throug

It’s about time:)  This had to have been an oversight.  But it’s nice to know that drive is now OFFICIALLY stste scenic byway.  That’s one of the best drives in the country. The short article below has more details…