Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Park Entrance Sign 1

Click here to head to the National Park Service’s Official website for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park 

Cades Cove 
Click here to head to the National Park Service’s Official Cade’s Cove page

Click here to head to a Cade’s Cove website produced by our friends at It includes a virtual tour and 1,400 photos of the Cove.





Click here to head to camping information for INSIDE the park.


If you have any additional information/links you think would be appropriate on this page, please leave a comment in the comment section below and I will try to put them here when I get a minute.  In the meantime, your comments will be accessible to those who visit.

2 responses to “Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  1. My wife and I are planning a visit to the smokies this coming November. My question is, has the construction problem between the park management and the contractor been resolved? When can we expect to be able to travel on Roaring Fork Rd again?

    • I have not heard that it has been resolved yet. I suppose it is anyones guess whether or not it will be ready in November. I know it closes near the end of the year for the winter, but with October being peak time in the Smokies, they may have it open by then. But that’s just my guess. It sounded like they will need to find another contractor, but they HAVE contractors for other similar projects in the Smokies who are doing fine work. Perhaps one of those companies can fill-in and get Roaring Fork complete. I know it sure does make a trip to the Smokies nicer when you can spend time at Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. We sometimes go 2-3 times in one trip. One of our favorite things to do in the area.


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